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zJailbreak without PC partial jailbreak tool supports iOS 10.3.3 to iOS 10 Cydia download.
* iOS 10.1-10.1.1 running iPhone 7 / 7Plus / iPhone 6s / iPad Pro - Recommend Yalu mach-portal semi-tethered jailbreak tool

Why should use zJailbreak? ( Benefits )

* Luca Todesco resignation from jailbreak
* Recently Apple started iOS bug report program and paying unbelievable prices for bug finders. Now iOS hackers have more interest about Apple bug report program more than iOS jailbreaking.
* Apple increase iOS security with latest releases. So most of latest iOS versions are hard to jailbreak.
* No jailbreak solution for iOS 32-bit devices after iOS 8.4  jailbreak.

zJailbreak install guide

zJailbreak Cydia installations guide much easier than other Cydia installations guides, and you can complete zJailbreak Cydia install without a computer. So you have opened up this page from your iOS device.
* Click zJailbreak Cydia download link. Windows and Mac users should open this page from iOS device Safari web browser to install zJailbreak.
* zJailbreak detecting your device model and iOS version.
* Click install zJailbreak
* Now you will redirect to iOS setting page
* zJailbreak Cydia profile will be installed automatically at this time.
* Enter your device passcode once zJailbreak required
* Tap install button
* Tap install button again
* Tap Done
* Now you have successfully installed zJailbreak third party app manager.
* Now you can use the zJailbreak app for partial Cydia install and third-party app installations.

zJailbreak features

TuTuapp - You can get the large collection of third party apps.
Cyjon store - Famous iOS app collection store
iOS Emus - iTunes store does not allow to install emulators, so this is the only way to install.
Dream Store - No more support Cydia dream board for latest iOS versions. So zJailbreak Dream store is the real alternative to it.
GoogiOS - World first customized app collection for Google search.
iDIY Themes - You can install unlimited themes from zJailbreak iDIY
iFaceskins - World first customized facebook skin collection.
OS Store - You can run other computer oses after install zJailbreak OS Store
Loofamai - You can mislead your friends after installing Loofamai, and you cannot get similar kind prank experience anywhere else.
Sylorix - It is the only way to install iOS beta without the developer account. At this time you install iOS 11 Beta with Sylorix.
FND Store - FND store also known as Search iTunes apps without iTunes. So you can get iTunes apps with FND store
Tweak Box - You can get most popular jailbroken tweak experience with Tweak Box
Zestia - Helps to install paid apps as a free
FleakStore - Most popular app among the jailbroken users. Now FleakStore is available with zJailbreak
Hopy - The Popular app store for game lovers
YIV - World famous App Store for game lovers
But we not recommended zJailbreak Cydia for below users.
* iOS 10.2 running 64-bit devices except for iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7.  Recommend Yalu102 Semi-tethered jailbreak tool
The team, Pangu, and Luca released the Semi-tethered jailbreak for iOS 9.2 to iOS 10.2. After that no real jailbreak solution for latest iOS versions. Most probably iOS 10.2 will be the last jailbroken iOS versions and no more guarantee about future jailbreak because of below reasons.
Team pangu starts to report iOS bug issues to Apple. So it's mean iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak will be Pangu's last public release.
* Most of the jailbreak tools not compatible with latest jailbroken iOS versions.
iOS 11 - Now you can Install iOS 11 beta profile as a FREE and without Developer account with zJailbreak
Pangu Anzhuang - iOS users can install jailbreak apps to non-jailbroken devices with Pangu Anzhuang. Anzhuang is online jailbreak method.
Yalu Jailbreak - zJailbreak Yalu is the easiest jailbreak method at the moment. iOS 10 to iOS 10.2 users can use Yalu jailbreak without PC and Cydia Impactor
Metaw - It is magic.  Metaw has special theme collection, and you can change app icon/icon layout/ Icon move without jailbreak. Metaw has magic.
OTA blocker - You van block automatic iOS updates from OTA blocker. So install it and protect your jailbreak with annoying automatic iOS update.