Sorry, You cannot install Cypple jailbreak app installer for Windows or Mac machine. Therefore, you must use iPhone / iPad or iPod Touch device to install Cypple jailbreak app installer.

Step 01 - Open Safari web browser of your iOS device and visit Cypple iOS 11 page


Step 02 - Click install button

Step 03 - Cypple app installer detect your iOS version at this time for install the app.

Step 04 - Click install button again

Step 05 - Enter the device passcode now. Ignore this step if you have not set up the passcode

Step 06 - Tap the install button again

Step 07 - Tap done

Step 08 - Exit from the install guide and you can find Cypple app installer app icon on your home screen.

Step 9 - Now again visit Cypple iOS 11 page

Step 10 - Tap app list

Step 11 - Visit app page and copy the developer code

Step 12 - Paste it to Cypple jailbreak app installer and tap install

Step 13 - Go to Settings > General > Profile > Enterprise app and tap verify or trust