Cydia F.A.Q

What is the Cydia?

Cydia is the most popular 3rd party App Store for iOS devices such as iPhones, iPad, and iPod touches.

Can I install the Cydia from the Apple App Store?

No, you can’t. You can install the Cydia from the Cydia website. Then you must jailbreak your device to install the features from the Cydia.

I want to run the Cydia without jailbreak. How can I do it?

You cannot run the Cydia without jailbreak. You must do jailbreak or semi jailbreak to run the Cydia.

How can I jailbreak?

Just download the demonstration App from here. It will provide the most suitable jailbreak tool according to your ios version. Download and run the tool.

Is jailbreak free?

Yes, the jailbreak is free. You can donate money to jailbreak developers if you wish.

Is jailbreak safe?

Yes. Jailbreak is safe if you use the correct tool according to your iOS version. Cydia app shows the most suitable jailbreak tool to your device. Don’t use the incorrect tools to jailbreak your device. Don’t even follow the online guides to find the Jailbreak tool for your device.

Is the jailbreak available for the latest iOS version?

Currently, iOS 9.2.1 is the latest iOS version. Still full functional jailbreak is not available for this iOS version. You can do semi jailbreak to install the Cydia for iOS 9.2.1

Are there alternatives for Cydia?

There are some alternatives available to the Cydia. But you must have installed the Cydia to install these alternatives

Can’t I install the Cydia apps from App store?

You must have Cydia to install the system apps, tweaks, themes, customization apps, Game hacking apps and more. You cannot install these kinds of apps from App Store

I am the iPad owner. Is Cydia installation process different?

No, anybody can install the Cydia demonstration from the Cydia website, Jailbreak process is 100% same for all devices, but jailbreak process is different according to your iOS version.

Can I upgrade to latest iOS version without deleting Cydia?

No. You can’t. It deletes Cydia automatically when you upgrade to next iOS version. You must re-jailbreak to get the Cydia again

How can I delete the Cydia?

You cannot delete it as a normal iOS app. You can use Cydia Impactor to delete the Cydia. Also, you can restore or upgrade your device to remove the Cydia

Can I install apps like iFile, XModgames without the Cydia?

No. You must install these apps using the Cydia.

Can I face virus/ malware issues with the Cydia?

You 100% safe if you are using the apps from the Cydia approved sources (on your Cydia app). We haven’t reported any big security issues among millions of jailbreak users. However stay away from untrusted/non-listed apps

Is Cydia reduce my device performance?

Your device can be slow if you have installed many unwanted apps/tweaks from the 3rd party sources through the Cydia app. Just remove the unwanted apps. However, you can use apps like iCleaner, cache cleaner from Cydia store to increase device performance.

Is Cydia reduce my battery time?

Some Cydia apps/tweaks may drain your battery time. You can also increase your battery life using the Cydia apps like “battery……” Etc.
It depends according to your usage pattern

Can I install the Cydia to android or windows phone?

You can’t. Just refer Cydia for the android page (link) for more information.

Is Cydia available for other Mac products?

No. Cydia is only available for iPhone,iPad,iPod touch. You cannot install the Cydia to Apple TVs, Apple watches, Mac computers or classic iPods.

Who developed the Cydia?

American software developer Jay Freeman (saurik) developed the Cydia.

Can I unlock my iOS device using the Cydia?

You can only unlock the old iOS versions using the Cydia. You cannot unlock latest ios versions such as iOS 7/8/9 using the Cydia