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Setting up Cydia

Continuing with boot

Step 12. It will reboot your iDevice again after completing the above steps. Go and see the Home screen the last page again. There will be a Cydia icon. It means you have completed the jailbreak process with the download and installed Cydia for your iDevices. Now you can work with Cydia with your favorite iOS 7+.

Installing Cydia using evasi0n /Evasi0n7 jailbreak tool

Evad3rs jailbreak team released Evasi0n7 / evasi0n untethered jailbreak tools for iOS 7.0 - 7.0.6(Evasi0n7) and for iOS 6.0 - 6.1.2(evasi0n)versions.

About Evasi0n 7

Windows and Mac users can use this tool to download and install Cydia for iOS 7+. There is no, Linux version of this tool version. It is very easy to use this tool. It is no hard installation to do. Don’t want to put into DFU mode, when you use this tool version. You can use Evasi0n 7 tool as untethered. It makes your Cydia download easily.

Evad3rs released Evasi0n 7 1.0.7 for jailbreak iOS 7.0.6 as well as iOS 7+ besides iOSs 7.1 & 7.1.1. Now you can jailbreak almost all iDevices running iOS 7.0.6, 7.0.5, 7.0.4, 7.0.3, 7.0.2, 7.0.1 and 7.0.0 with Evasi0n 7 1.0.7 tool besides iOSs 7.1 & 7.1.1. This tool is compatible with iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads. Evad3rs team released this tool. So, recommend downloading Evasi0n 7 tools with following links. Step guide is available below of the post for Windows users.

Requirements for Evasi0n7 jailbreak

Windows users should use latest iTunes version

Evasi0n7 is only compatible with Windows and Mac. So computer should be run Windows -XP minimum, Mac OS X – 10.7 minimum.

Evasi0n7 is compatible with iOS 7-7.0.6. So check your device model version before start – Settings > General > About.

Backup device data before start

Shutdown all iTunes relate task until competing process

Make sure to disable device passcode

Evasi0n7 device compatibility

iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4,

iPod touch 5, iPad Air, iPad mini with retina, iPad mini, iPad 4, iPad 3 (New iPad), iPad 2.

Mac guide

About evasi0n

Evasi0n is untethered jailbreak tool for jailbreak iOS 6.1.2 to iOS 6.0 versions. At this time, 1.5.3 is the latest update version of the tool. Currently, it supports Windows / Mac and Linux operation systems.

Evasi0n device compatibility

iPhone 5 , iPhone 4s , iPhone 4 , iPhone 3GS , iPhone 3G

iPad With Retina (iPad 4) iPad 3 , iPad 2 , iPad Mini

Requirements before jailbreak

Install latest iTunes version if you are using Windows

Your computer should run Windows (XP minimum), Mac OS X (10.6 minimum) or Linux (x86 / x86_64)

Make sure to check running iOS version – evasi0n only compatible with iOS 6.0 through 6.1.2 use this path to check iOS version – Settings / General / About >> Version

Make sure to backup device data with compatible backup tool

Disable passcode of the device

Turn off all iTunes relate tasks

Jailbreak iOS 6.1.2- 6.0.0 step guide with Evasi0n 1.5.3

iPad 4 iOS 6.1.2 can jailbreak with Evasi0n 1.5.3 tool. This tool support to jailbreak iPad 4 iOS 6.1, 6.0.1 and 6.0 as well. Windows users want to run this file as administrator. Besides Windows users, other users want it just normal. (Mac and Linux)

Step 01. First of all, you must connect your device into your Desktop.

Step 02. Now you should download evasion 1.5.3 version according to your operation system.

Step 03. Click on the “Jailbreak” button.

Step 04. Evasi0n will give you all the instructions one by one to jailbreak your device. Follow it.

Step 05. After complete the jailbreak process, you have installed Cydia.

Step 06. Open Cydia.

Step 07. Choose “User” and done it.

Fake Evasi0n jailbreak for iOS 8.4.1

Fake jailbreak version arrived for iOS 8.4.1 version under Evasi0n Evad3rs team. This tool is not Developed by Evad3rs team. Most of the jailbreak promoting sites recommended this method for iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak and Cydia download. However, we are recommended do not use this fake jailbreak method.

Errors after installed

This tool has a lot of malware and if you still wish to run this unofficial fake jailbreak tool, do it your own risk. However, if you run the Evasi0n tool with malware content, your computer will damage or disrupt. The so better thing is waiting for official jailbreak releases for iOS 8.4.1 version.

Evasi0n troubleshooting

OTA updates make Evasi0n7 / evasion jailbreak failures – now it’s too late to use OTA updates and so make sure to follow iTunes update method to update OS for next time.

Sometimes Mac OS X 10.8 / 10.9 users will receive the error saying evasi0n / Evasi0n7 cannot be open. Therefore, right click on the app > revealed context menu and pick Open on next dialog box and click open again.
As the final stage – Continuing with boot

Step 12. After complete following stages, your iDevice will reboot again with completed jailbreak with Cydia. Go and see the Home screen. It has Cydia logo. You must select as the “User” for the first time launch Cydia. Now, forever you will have Cydia for your iDevices running iOS 7+.
Evasi0n 7 windows
Evasi0n 7 mac
Official Evasi0n7 jailbreak site temporally disabled download links, Please check back soon

Step 05. Connect your iDevice with the PC.

Step 06. Then run the Evasi0n file. Make sure to run it as administrator.

Step 07. Now, click on the “Jailbreak” button to start the jailbreak process.

Step 08. It will take few times to complete the jailbreak process with following steps.
As the sixth stage - Configuring system (2/2)

As the final stage - Rebooting device

So, you will have to wait few times, until complete these stages.
Step 04. Disable passcode lock. Use following path for it.

Settings - > General - > Passcode Lock - > Turn off.

Step 05. Now you have to connect your iDevice to the PC.
Injecting Evasi0n app (2/2)

Configuring system (1/2)

Configuring system (2/2)

Rebooting device
evasi0n7 Jailbreak
Windows Guide
Step 01. Download Evasi0n 7 1.0.7 version with using our link.

Step 02. Extract the downloaded zip folder.

Step 03. Before run the jailbreak process, you must get the backup of your iDevice with iTunes or iCloud.

Step 04. It is better to disable passcode lock by using the following path.

Settings - > General - > Passcode Lock - > Turn off.
As the first stage - Retrieving remote package

As the second stage - Uploading jailbreak data

As the third stage - Injecting Evasi0n app (1/2)
As the fourth stage - Injecting Evasi0n app (2/2)

As the fifth stage - Configuring system (1/2)
Step 09. It will reboot your iDevice one time. Then it will be given the message as “Do not close the Evasi0n application”.

Step 10. Now, slide to unlock your iDevice and go Home page. There will be Evasi0n 7 icon. Run it. Then your’s iDevice’s screen will turn on a white screen with the reboot.

Step 11. After complete the reboot, jailbreak process will continue with following stages.

As the first stage - Reading kernel
As the second stage - Calculating offsets

As the third stage - Setting up packages

As the fourth stage - Setting up Cydia
Step 01. First of all, you must get the backup of your iDevice, to start the jailbreak process.

Step 02. Download Evasi0n 7 1.0.7 Mac version to jailbreak iOS 7.0.6 and iOS 7+ besides iOS 7.1. Use our link to download Evasi0n 7 1.0.7 tool.

Step 03. It will download as the zip folder. You must extract it.
Step 06. Run the extracted Evasi0n file. You must run it just normal. (Windows guide the little bit different than this.)

Step 07. Click on the jailbreak button. Then it will start the jailbreak process.

Step 08. You must be patient with complete following data.
Retrieving remote package

Uploading jailbreak data

Injecting Evasi0n app (1/2)
Step 09. There will be a message as “Do not close the Evasi0n application” after reboot your iDevice.

Step 10. Slide to unlock your iDevice. Go and see the Home page last page. It has Evasi0n 7 icon now. Launch it. Then your iDevice’s screen will turn to white. Finally, it will be reboot again.

Step 11. It will take another few steps to complete the jailbreak process.
Reading kernel

Calculating offsets

Setting up packages