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Only iOS 7.1 - iOS 9.3.3 users can use Cydia impactor tool.

Support Devices

iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S. iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini with retina (iPad Mini 2), iPad Mini, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2 and iPod touch 5

Requirements before start

Backup your device data before starting the process.

The device should have enough battery life.

Internet connection.

Cydia impactor jailbreak remove Guide

Launch Cydia and search Cydia Impactor.

Open Cydia and search “Cydia Impactor” once found install it

Go to Home screen and open the application

On the main welcome screen, you can see “delete all data and unjailbreak device” click on it.

Cydia impactor needs re-confirm to unjailbreak. Click “Delete all”

Now you can see progress bar running in the bottom of the screen.

Once complete Device will reboot

After reboot, you can see the welcome screen and go through settings and setup the device.

Cydia impactor for iOS 9 - iOS 9.3.2

Saurik added Cydia impactor for iOS 9 - iOS 9.1 versions. However, this is only beta version and iOS 9 - iOS 9.1 users can add it through Saurik Cydia impactor source.

Go to Cydia > Add Sources > Edit > Add > Add sources then add above URL to dialog box.

Cydia impactor errors

During the process, Cydia impactor will not remove any data or system files of your device. However, safer process recommends to backup all of your data first. If you are having fail attempts during the process, just reboot the device manually and restart the process.
Cydia impactor error - 1344
Cydia impactor error - 1393
Cydia impactor error - 93
Cydia impactor error - 135
Cydia impactor error - 164
Cydia impactor error - 340
reset.cpp:1344 _assert(ota_find({“iPad5,4”,12,’B’,440}))
Reasons - iOS version not compatible
utility.cpp:93_assert(target.sputn(data, writ) == writ)
Remove Bytafont and restart the process
Network error
Network error
reset.cpp:1344 _assert(ota_find({"iPad5,4",12,'B',440}))
iOS version not compatible beyond (iOS 8.1 - iOS 8.4)

Other solutions for un-jailbreak

iTunes restore
You can remove jailbreak from iTunes restore. After done this you can restore back to original software. With iTunes restore, you have to plug the device to iTunes installed computer. However, the restore will lose re-jailbreak ability.
iOS update
iOS users can remove jailbreak with the firmware update. However, with this method, you will lose re-jailbreak ability.
Cydia impactor error - 1344
Cydia impactor error - 1393
Cydia impactor error - 93
Cydia impactor error - 135
Cydia impactor error - 164
Cydia impactor error - 340
Reasons - iOS version not compatible
Cydia impactor Error 94
Cydia impactor Error 94
iOS version not compatibale
Requirements before start
Click “Delete all”
Cydia Impactor is a GUI  (graphical user interface) tool, and Windows / Mac / Linux users can install IPA file to the iOS device by using Cydia Impactor.
Cydia Impactor also knew as Cydia eraser, and it helps to you unjailbreak your device without losing the re-jailbreak ability. Recently, Pangu jailbreak team and Luca Todesco released new jailbreaking methods for iOS 10.2 - iOS 10 and iOS 9.3.3 - iOS 9.2 versions by using Cydia Impactor tool.
Download Cydia Impactor for Windows
Download Cydia Impactor for Mac
Download Cydia Impactor for Linux (64-bit)
Download Cydia Impactor for Linux (32-bit)
You can get latest updated by taping above links. Otherwise, click check for the update to get the latest update. Check below image.

How to use Cydia Impactor for iOS 10.2 - iOS 10 Cydia download?

* Download Yalu jailbreak IPA files from here.
* Download Cydia Impactor according to your computer operation system.
* Double tap and launch Cydia Impactor
* Now connect your iOS device to computer
* You will see Cydia Impactor drop down list when Cydia Impactor detected your device.
* Now select Yalu IPA file and drag and drop it to Cydia Impactor.
* Now Cydia Impactor asks your Apple ID and Password and enter.
* Let alone Cydia Impactor to complete IPA sign process.
* You will have Yalu app on your device homescreen, once IPA sing process complete.
* Go to Settings -> General -> Profiles & Device Management and trust the Yalu app.
* Go back to device homescreen and tap Yalu app.
* Tap Go button to start the jailbreak process.
* Now device will be restart automatically, and Cydia should be on your homescreen.

How to use Cydia eraser for unjailbreak?

Cydia extender

Jay Freeman (Saurik) updated Cydia impactor tool to 0.9.39 fixes the SSL certificate verification error and with new Cydia extender tool release. The Cydia extender tool helps to iOS users to auto-sign their applications without using Windows or Mac computer support.

Is Cydia extender solution for Yalu102 re-sign issue?

It is unclear whether it is supported or not for Yalu102 sign issue. But Still, Cydia extender is not a solution for Yalu102 7 day resign issue. So you cannot bypass Yalu102 resign issue with Cydia extender. If you have a developer account, you can extend Yalu102 app for a year with Cydia Impactor. Therefore, no need Cydia Impactor.
htt-win.cpp: 158 Cydia impactor error
Update to Cydia impactor 0.9.39 version. Or Go to Menu-Check for update