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Jailbreak Apple Watch

Apple Watch missing features

Users cannot browse the web with iWatch. Safari is the default web browsers for Apple Device. However, it is not included in iWatch. Sometimes it is because screen size and resolution.

Apple Watch jailbreak attempt

Steve Troughton-Smith , Saurik , Adam Bell Apple Watch jailbreak
Steve Troughton (Irish software programmer) Saurik (Cydia founder) Adam Bell (Canadian Apple software developer) successfully hacked Apple watch and ran UIKit & SceneKit apps on Apple Watch. Here is proven of Steve Troughton Apple watch hacked.
Steve Troughton-Smith , Saurik , Adam Bell Apple Watch jailbreak
Hamza Sood Custom faces hacked
Hamza Sood is well-known jailbreak tweak developer for iOS devices. Now he able to run custom watch faces on Apple watch device. This source code available on GitHub page and here are the proven of it.
Hamza Sood Custom faces hacked
Hamza Sood Flappy Bird Hacked
Again Hamza Sood able to run flappy bird clone on Apple Watch device. He is controlling Flappy Bird game with Watch digital crown. Here is the proven of it.
Hamza Sood Flappy Bird Hacked
Comex Web browsing hacked for Apple Watch
In the Default features Apple not added web browsing sometimes features it because of the small display. However, now, Comex added web browser for iWatch and this confirmation he has published as a video clip and as the image on his Twitter account.

In this confirmation, he is showing Google’s home page running on Apple watch, and he was also showing Copy/Define options in watch display. Still there are tiny matters on web browsing one is the small display of iWatch because of these users cannot see correctly. Another one is users cannot search anything with Google’s search bar because of a keyboard, not Displaying. Here are the Comex confirmations of it.
hacked for Apple Watch
Google’s search bar
Calendar – Calendar option included and meeting reminder’s option added.

Activity – can monitor iWatch user’s movement

Alarm – it is working like a normal Alarm.

How to update iWatch OS?

iWatch OS?
How to update iWatch OS?

Upcoming jailbreak apps for Apple Watch (Cydia support faces)

The third party Apple developers are developed third party applications to the iWatch, and now they are waiting for the jailbreak. Here are the few upcoming jailbreak apps for iWatch.
Apple Watch
Apple Watch
Apple Watch
Apple Watch
Apple Watch
Apple Watch
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Apple Watch default features

StopWatch - it can use as stopwatch function

Stocks - can get current status of the stock market
Photos - can save photos
Maps - Maps available.
Mail - can check mail with iWatch and reply to receiver

Camera Remote - use iWatch as viewfinder
World clock - users, can add locations

Workout - iWatch users can get exact status distance / pace / speed and burned cardio.
Weather - it is displaying current weather status

Timer - it can use as a timer.
Siri - Siri features are available

Settings - users can be setting quickly to Airplane mode / mute / Do not disturb / Bluetooth.
Remote Camera - with iWatch users can be remote iPhone iSight camera

Remote - users can be remote Apple TV / iTunes and radio of iTunes
Phone - can answer a phone call with iWatch

Passbook - Apple Pay system included.
Music - with iWatch can control music app and put your phone and listen to music from anywhere

Massages - can check messages and available receive / sent option
Apple released Apple Watch (iWatch) on April 24, 2015, with limited of functions. Watch OS3 is the latest version for Apple Watch device. Still, Apple not includes some valuable features for Apple iWatch. Therefore, jailbreak and Cydia install is the only way to install those missing features.
Apple does not support to add custom faces to iWatch interface. However, in the default there are some default faces included such as Astronomy , Solar , Chronograph , Color , Mickey Mouse , Modular , Motion , Simple , Utility , X-Large.
User’s always changed display timeout to save battery life. However, iWatch users cannot save battery life because there is not an option to do it.
Apple Watch users cannot get time telling with iWatch. It is just displaying time.
Apple Watch does not support to get custom themes; users only can get default themes.
Activator is the most valuable application, and it is not available on iWatch.
With iWatch users can pick the phone call. However, it is not allowed to listen to music with the own speaker.
iWatch is paired Device and users can pair iWatch with iPhone6 Plus / iPhone 6 / iPhone 5C / iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 Devices and however, it is cannot make paired with iPad and iPod Touch Devices.

If you already received OS update, can update very quickly and follow below tutorial to update. However, before use upgrade processes complete below steps.

At least 50% charge of your iWatch

Connect iPhone to strong Wi-Fi connect

Keep both Device in same range

Open iWatch application of your iPhone

Follow My Watch > General and Software Update
Enter passcode of your Apple Watch

Click Agree button

Upgrade your version with clicking Download and install buttons.

Features of WatchOS 3

Dock support

Instant apps

Activity motivation


benefits for wheelchair fitness

Breathe app

Quick replies


Redesigned Control Center

Use your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac
apple watch OS3