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Semi Jailbreak without computer jailbreak tool supports download Cydia for iOS 10 to iOS 8.4.1 versions.


Semi Jailbreak Cydia

How to download Semi jailbreak Cydia?

After few seconds automatically you will redirect to Semi jailbreak profile, and click Install button right side of up corner and Enter Device Passcode

Is Semi jailbreak worth?

You cannot get full function Cydia through Semi jailbreak tool. Semi jailbreak does not support to rooted applications and Cydia sources. However, still you can install a different kind of third party applications through semijb tool such as
iOS Emus - Semi jailbroken users can get Applications, emulators and games with iOS Emus
Popular apps of iOS Emus - vShare / ndsios / DownCloud / PlayBox HD / Movie Box PPSSPP / f.lux / Shou / Swiftly Themes
IOS Emus
Mojo installer
Mojo installer - Mojo is best alternative for Cydia application and you can get thousands of apps / games / emulators / screen recorders and many more.
Popular apps of Mojo - FeaturePoints / BuildStore / Flappy Bird / GBA4iOS / Bobby Movie Box / HipStore / AirShou
Fleakst0re - Fleakst0re have a verity of applications. Fleakst0re have three different stores according to iOS versions such as iOS 6 / iOS 7 - 8.0.x / iOS 8.1 - 9.2.
Popular applications of Fleakst0re - Shou / MovieBox / Kuaiyong / PlayBox
HipStore - HipStore developed by Vietnamese developers. iOS users can get installous alternatives from HipStore. HipStore currently supports up to iOS 9.3 version.
Popular applications of HipStore - Note Taker HD / Save Yammi / Red ball 3 HD / Doom Classic / Panoramatic 360 / Dragon Chaser
666 App Store - Semi jailbroken users can get different kinds of applications through 666 App Store.
666 App Store
Appvn - This is another best app store for Semi jailbroken users. At this time, there are thousands of applications are available on Appvn
Popular applications of Appvn - Minecraft / Geometry Das / Grand Theft Auto / Fruit Ninja / Puffin Browser
iCleaner -  Supports to clean unwanted files from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch device.
OpenSSH - Still on beta stage.

Advantage of Semi jailbreak

Team semi using special web platform to install cydia. Therefore, you can jailbreak without computer
No need to change device settings such as Enable AirPlane / Disable Touch ID & regular passcode / Disable find my iPhone
Apple highly recommended not doing the unauthorized modification (especially jailbreak) to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Devices.  Even after jailbroken iOS users cannot claim Apple warranty, and if you want to claim it, you should remove the jailbreak. However, Semi jailbreak users easily can remove jailbreak to claim Apple warranty.
Semi jailbroken users can remove jailbreak profile without update firmware and restore. This is the biggest advantage of the Semi jailbreak tool. So Semi jailbroken users can remove jailbreak through Settings > General > Profile > Delete profile.
semi jailbreak
semi jailbreak app
Open Safari Web Browser and type Cypple Semi jailbreak
Click Jailbreak Now button - Visit this page from your iOS device to install Semi jailbreak Cydia
Now Semi jailbreak will recognize your iOS system and once recognized you will redirect to system data detected page.
Now click I Agree to Continue button.
You can see several commands are running on Device main interface.
Once all done correctly, you will receive Install the App message and click it.

Semi jailbreak themes

Semi jailbroken users can customize device from Semi jailbreak themes store. Semi jailbreak does not have unlimited themes list like Cydia store. However, Semi JB themes are worthwhile for iOS 9.3.4 users at this time.
Semi jailbreak themes

Semi jailbreak rooted Applications

Semi jailbreak tool have own rooted application list. Semi jailbroken users can customize device from Semi jailbreak rooted applications.

Semi jailbreak unrooted Applications

Semi jailbreak unrooted applications developed by Semi JB team and third party app developers.
Semi jailbreak unrooted applications
Semi jailbreak rooted applications

How to remove Semi jailbreak?

Semi jailbreak can remove anytime without the firmware update or restore. You can remove Semi jailbreak anytime by following same - Settings > General > Profile and remove Semi jailbreak app and after then again go to settings and reset all device settings. After few minutes device will be restart. Now you successfully removed Semi jailbreak Cydia.
Remove Semi jailbreak app
reset all device settings

Semi jailbreak device compatible

Semi jailbreak compatible iOS 10.1 To iOS 8.4.1. But we do not recommend Semi jailbreak tool for below users.
iOS 10 to iOS 10.1 running iPhone 7 / 7Plus / iPhone 6s/iPad Pro users. Recommend - Yalu mach-portal jailbreak tool
iOS 10.2 running 64-bit users except iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Recommend Yalu102 jailbreak tool
iOS 10.3 to iOS 10.2 users. Recommend - zJailbreak Cydia
Now you successfully have jailbroken your iOS device